Hey guys, I’m really glad I made a youtube account so I can spam the fuck out of websites with instant audio chocolate.

i wanna die - Soda Bomb

Reblawg, help me out.

One thing that actually pisses me off from time to time.

The fact that since I’ve been in a band, I’ve had no friends who actually support my band. Not just like saying they like our music, but actually coming out to shows and getting into our music. I see that most big bands around here have that as a foundation. It’s the greatest feeling when people actually appreciate the songs you write, and want to maybe become part of your following but I wouldn’t know that because my friends would rather my band all drop $40 to play a show, then just pay $10, come out and hear some good music. I don’t even want to do pre-sale shows either (I was just using the last one we did as an example.) EVEN WHEN WE DO NO PRE-SALE SHOWS, none of my friends give a shit.

It is some bullshit.