It's kind of cool

It’s kind of cool to think that me and my best friend have released 2 EPs since May. According to Bandcamp, we’ve gotten over 1,000 downloads as of yesterday and to me, that is pretty darn cool. I mean that’s not much when you look at the big picture but it’s always been a wish of mine to be in a functional band and I think we got something really special here at Soda Bomb. If you listened to any of the recent posts and want the full EP, or both for that matter, you can download them for FREEEEE here. Thanks, I luv I jah.

Today was funny. My band asked people to give us their numbers so we called them up and sang to them. Listen to this video hehehehe :D

We’re pretty lo fi at the moment but we’re working on getting better recording soon enough.  

Airhead - Soda Bomb

Soda Bomb – Bart's Nightmare (179 plays)


Listen to our song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“I’m dying of strangulation from New York Public Education 
Hold me under till my face turns blue 
Pull me up when tuition’s due 

I’ve always considered this dumb, with the pencil between my finger and my thumb 
And the proper thing for me to do is to con myself into believing it’s true 

I remember the days when I wouldn’t have to worry up in bed 
Never was I forced to try to protect myself from the paper cuts on my eyes. 
I’m dying of strangulation from New York public education 
Hold me under till my face turns blue, pull me up when tuitions due”

(89 plays)

It’s a really cool feeling when you produce a good sounding recording. This is something Soda Bomb tracked a while ago, but left in the dust for a while because we didn’t like the quality of it. I finally came back to it and mixed it, and I fell in love with this song as if we just wrote it. We still have to do vocals but here, take a listen!

If you want to hear more of our music, then click one of this doohickies:

"Booger: The Mini EP" by Soda Bomb is now up for download, and listening (obviously).

For fans of: Say Anything, Smashing Pumpkins, Alkaline Trio, Joyce Manor, Jawbreaker etc.

Don’t be alarmed by our stupid band name. LISTEN!

i wanna die - Soda Bomb 

One more time people!! I’m sorry to be annoying, but we’re trying to get to 500 likes by tomorrow. We need 3 more! Reblog! Spread the word! Poop in my mouth!

Also we’ll be releasing a new mini EP tomorrow. Stoked!

Listen up, I just made a really mad/ inspirational rant before so listen to my band because I have interesting things to say sometimes. I’m in an emo/ punk band on Long Island. We don’t wear leather jackets with rancid patches/ nor do we wear cardigans with World War 2 hair cuts with little name brand canvas shoes…

This is our whole EP “Hooligan”…we’re releasing more shit soon. Get into it!

Reblog and help get the word out! (I’m not forcing you…I just wanted to try it on..ya know)

i wanna die- Soda Bomb

Take a listen!

Airhead - Soda Bomb


Hey guys, I’m really glad I made a youtube account so I can spam the fuck out of websites with instant audio chocolate.

i wanna die - Soda Bomb

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